Unique experiences and a passion to instil proven methodology and toolsets

About BDS

BDS is a specialist SME (small / medium enterprise) business coaching and business optimisation / turnaround / advisory / consulting organisation, consulting to businesses which turn over between 50k - 10m annually.

BDS implements strategy and business improvement programs optimising the core components of your business; its Strategy, Sales, Marketing, Finance and finally Leadership and HRM capabilities - delivering remarkable results.

Our passion is in the strategic assessment, development and implementation of proven methodology, tools and planning and exectution skill sets into businesses, and empowering business owners in the methodology and mindset that will set your business apart from the rest.

BDS's 5 session program, provided over 10 weeks, provides the time for us to work together, assess, teach and integrate the programs tools and methodology into your business.

The program is designed to empower you, the business owner, to have clarity of all business critical components of your organisation, and to simultaneously optimise and integrate each of these components. This will be completed in partnership with BDS, with BDS's aim being to complete the program with you - delivering remarkable value, but additionally to transfer and empower you with the knowledge, methodology and tools to allow you to complete the program yourself year after year as your business grows.

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