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Client Results

Rolo Hire is an example of a business which was transformed by structures, systems and measurement, dedicating itself to our business development methodology.

Rolo Hire was already an established small business, experiencing rapid growth and expansion over a 10 year period, however as so many small businesses experience; this great growth and revenue increase was met with increasingly growing pains.

Together Drew and Rolo Hire's Directors worked together, following our strategy setting and business planning process, optimising Rolo's strategy, marketing, sales, finance and leadership/HRM functions.

The result of investing in the programme was far greater than what the directors considered was possible.

The business became more profitable, easier to run, more efficient. There was less stress and pressure once clear and precise objectives were articulated and focused on.

5, 3 and 1 year strategic objectives were determined.

Sales processes were developed and improved enabling greater sales conversion rates. The understanding of Marketing processes were better understood, allowing a better target market to be determined and sought.

The Rolo team became aligned in the vision and expectations of the directors, building a more cohesive unit and understanding of the vision and what was possible. HR processes were improved to ensure the right team was employed and those team members understood their roles completely.

Rebranding took place, covering an analysis of the Corporate Identity of the business, including full rebranding, collateral redesign, website design, livery update - delivering a strong and recognised brand to its niche clients.

This is to name a few of the positive improvements and developments

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